E Return Setup

E Return Setup 6.1

Gives employees access to electronic documents for filling

Provides the necessary digital documents for employees to send their taxes and finances electronically. It's based on Crystal Reports and it's fully compatible with the mentioned product.

The e-Return Tool is used for preparation of Returns by the Employers for filling with EPO. The e – Return has 6 modules: A, B, C, D, E, and F. Modules A and B are related to basic details of the establishment and the Trust respectively. These two modules require one time data- entry: however, later editing has been enabled.

Modules C and D are related to employment and contribution details in respect of the EEs, respective. Details in these two modules are required to be filled on a monthly basis.

Modules E provides for giving details of investment. It is also required to be filled on a monthly basis. However, it is meant for only such exempted or relaxed establishments which are also maintaining the Trust of their own. If an exempted/relaxed establishment is not maintaining a Trust of its own and is a participating unit in a common provident fund Trust maintained by some other establishment, it is not required to fill this module. However, it will be able to view the details filled by the common Trust.

Module F provides for fill details regarding audit, annual statement of accounts and financial health of the Trust. This will be a yearly exercise. This module can be opened only at the end of the Financial Year VI.

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